A vote against public schools – Dan Seibert for State Rep

A vote against public schools

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September 15, 2018
Schools continue to struggle
September 15, 2018

You can debate whether they are effective (hint: they are not), but it’s impossible to deny that charter schools take taxpayer money and pass it to for-profit corporations. The recently passed SB574 goes a step further and allows these for-profit charter school companies to receive a portion of regional property taxes meant to boost local schools, even if they aren’t physical located there (cyber and virtual schools).

If the goal is to improve education for charter school students we should instead ensure they have proper oversight (including a full disclosure of how tax dollars are spent). In case you’re wondering why Rep. Griffin would vote in favor of a law potentially taking much needed funding from our pubic schools, you might want to take a look at her campaign donors.


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