Putting Veterans first – Dan Seibert for State Rep
Reporting Potholes
September 15, 2018
Saddled with debt
September 15, 2018

Another example of politicians like Rep. Beth Griffin listening to special interests, this time at the expense of veterans and first responders. Opposed by both the American Legion and Michigan Professional Fire Fighters, this bill was crafted to protect asbestos companies by making it more expensive and time consuming for victims to get compensation. Given that those suffering from mesothelioma only have 12-18 months life expectancy on average, it’s not something they can afford.

Over 30% of those suffering from asbestos related illness are veterans and firefighters are also at increased risk. Rep. Beth Griffin stood by her campaign donors and voted in favor of this terrible legislation and against veterans. It’s time to elect someone with the right priorities and as State Representative I will always fight for those protect and serve our community.

Please contact your State Senator and tell them to vote no! We can still stop this.



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