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September 16, 2018
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September 16, 2018

AUTO INSURANCE – Billed 500% more for auto accident treatment!

Did you know the charges for medical treatment vary depending on who is getting the bill? Part of the reason for Michigan having the most expensive auto-insurance in the nation is that medical providers charge auto-insurance companies up to 500% more for the same procedure.

Some examples:

MRI (low back) – auto-insurance pays $3279, but Medicare would only pay $484 and Worker’s Comp $766.

CT Scan (pelvis) – auto-insurance pays $1828, Medicare $306, Workers’ Comp $478

These specific examples are from Detroit medical providers, but the issue is the same throughout the state. The extra costs for the same procedures leads to more litigation and it all gets passed on to you.

We can fix this by implementing a fee schedule similar to what already exists for Workers’ Comp and put an end to this madness.


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