Welfare reform (the corporate kind) – Dan Seibert for State Rep
Saddled with debt
September 15, 2018
False Promises
September 15, 2018

Politicians love to call themselves fiscal conservatives as a defense for inadequate funding for schools and roads, but you should always be skeptical of that claim. Rather than invest in areas that actually contribute to growth, they engage in a system of corporate welfare that wastes taxpayer money.

Take the example of Cherry Growers Inc. near Traverse City. In 2012 the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) provided a $2.5 million “incentive” towards an expansion estimated to add 72 jobs. Fast forward to 2017 and Cherry Growers filed has since closed, filed bankruptcy protection and begun a liquidation process.

Investing in the future doesn’t have to mean raising taxes, but it does mean electing people that understand the need to spend wisely on the right priorities. Something that sadly has been missing in state government.




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